Restoration Service for Zadar Miniatures

Paint Touch-up and Signature Restoration

Zadar Miniatures can become damaged over time, paint can chip if figurines are dropped, or damage from excessive handling. Signatures and serial numbers can be damaged from sticky wax used to hold pieces down. Restoration service can restore your figurine using the same paints and techniques. Below are basic rates. Extensive damage, dented or smashed bronze may not be repaired. For more information, contact the studio, use the email address, sending pictures is helpful.

Basic Paint Touch-up and Repair $55.00

Restore Signature and Serial Number $35.00

Box and Label Replacement (may not be same as original) $25.00

Return Shipping by Priority Mail $14.95

Payment by check or PayPal before service starts

Extensive damage will require an estimate first

Please allow three to six weeks turnaround time