#7 Toucan I

Miniature Bronze Figurine by Randall Zadar

Fine Art Bronze Limited Edition Collectible

Piece #7 Toucan I

Issued 1994 & 1995, RETIRED

Issue Price: $79.00 Painted, $49.00 Antique Bronze, and $95.00 Sterling Silver

Dimensions: 7/8″ H

TOTAL PRODUCTION: 52 pieces. 14 of the 52 were finished in Antique Bronze. Six of the 52 were cast in Sterling Silver

Miniature Bronze by Randall Zadar

Toucan I


Comments: I wanted to try making a colorful bird. My brother-in-law had a sculpture of a Toucan and loaned it to me. I copied it the best I could. I remember having to use more glazes to paint the bird. I had fun making this piece and it was a very popular piece. That inspired a second and third version of the piece.