#240 Time To Collect

Miniature Bronze Figurine by Randall Zadar

Fine Art Bronze Limited Edition Collectibles

Piece #240 Time To Collect

Issued 2017, RETIRED

Issue Price: Gift to the Reserve Collectors

Dimensions: 5/8″ or 15mm

Total Production: 25 pieces

Randall Zadar

Time To Collect


DESCRIPTION: Bronze-Cast Hand-Painted Miniature Pocket Watch Figurine and a Reserve Collector Exclusive. Reserve Collectors received this piece as a gift. The Reserve Collector Program was the best way to collect Zadar Miniatures. Collectors were assigned an open serial number and each time a new release came out, a collector would automatically receive that numbered piece. Occasionally, I would make pieces that were exclusive to the Reserve Collectors as a thank you for their support.

As things were winding down in the studio, I knew the end was near. I wanted to make one more piece for the collectors that supported me so much over the years. I also think it is interesting that the piece is a pocket watch. Something that I have begun to spend my time on, repairing and restoring vintage, antique watches.

Randall Zadar

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