#231 Snowman Vase

Miniature Bronze Figurine by Randall Zadar

Fine Art Bronze Limited Edition Collectible

Piece #231 Snowman Vase

Issued 2015 RETIRED

Issue Price: $125.00

Dimensions: 1 inch or 25mm High

TOTAL PRODUCTION: 50 Pieces Signed and Numbered

Randall Zadar

Snowman Vase by Randall Zadar


Randall Zadar

Snowman Vase and Carolers Set by Randall Zadar


Comments: This Snowman Vase was designed to be displayed with or without the Carolers Miniature. I had always enjoyed creating winter-themed pieces and this set is different from anything I have so far. I made earlier versions of snowman years ago and they were always very popular.

Randall Zadar

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