#230 Porcelain Set

Miniature Bronze Figurine by Randall Zadar

Fine Art Bronze Limited Edition Collectible

Piece #230 Porcelain

Issued 2015, RETIRED

Issue Price: Custom Base $120.00, Peacock $75.00, Lady $120.00, Cupid with Jewelry $65.00, Cupid with Mirror $115.00, Cupid with Flowers $75.00. Entire Set $570.00

Dimensions: 1 Inch or 26 mm High

TOTAL PRODUCTION: 50 Signed and Numbered Pieces

Randall Zadar

Miniature Porcelain Set


Individual Pieces Could be Purchased Separately


Randall Zadar

Cupid With Jewelry


Randall Zadar

Cupid With Mirror


Randall Zadar

Cupid With Flowers


Randall Zadar Miniatures



Randall Zadar Fine Art Miniatures



Randall Zadar

Porcelain Set Base


Randall Zadar

Porcelain Set With Mercury Dime Showing Scale


Comments: I have always loved antique porcelain. I found this Meissen piece in one of my books on porcelain and thought it would be a great miniature. The piece was very complex so I decided to make it into a set. This allowed me to cast and mold the pieces separately. Also allowed collectors to purchase the entire set or the individual pieces. I really enjoyed making this piece.

Randall Zadar

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