#1 1948 Tucker

Miniature Bronze Figurine by Randall Zadar

Fine Art Bronze Limited Edition Collectible

Piece #1 1948 Tucker Miniature

Issued 1994 & 1995, RETIRED

Issue Price $95.00 Painted, $49.00 Antique Bronze, $200.00 Sterling Silver

Dimensions: 2-1/2”L x ½”W x ½”H

TOTAL PRODUCTION: 36 pieces. Eight of the 36 pieces were finished in Antique Bronze. Seven of the 36 were cast in Sterling Silver. Colors pained: red (6 pieces), blue (5 pieces), green (2 pieces), gold (4 pieces), maroon (2 pieces), white (2 pieces).


Randall Zadar Bronze

1948 Tucker in Green, The First Zadar Miniature


Randall Zadar Fine Art

1948 Tuckers


Comments: This is the first piece I ever sculpted. Working on the project I learned how to make molds and cast. I had so many failures, it was a wonder I didn’t quit. I spent an entire year working on this project and the piece was never completely mastered so not many were made. The piece was painted in glossy colors and mounted onto a wood base. Truly the rarest of all Zadar Miniatures. If you are lucky enough to have one.

Randall Zadar


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